Donald Trump Chatbot

Screencap of the bot

Not quite as creepy as the man himself, but close.

In April 2016, inspired by a college requirement to learn Python and the recent buzz around messenger bots, I decided to build a fun novelty bot to learn the ropes.

Using a helpful GitHub repository (with instructions), I set up the bot on Google App Engine, then modified it to return a random pickup line upon receiving a message. The lines include:

"You don't seem very smart. That's great though! I love the poorly educated.",

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I had my gardener deported after he picked these flowers for you."

And my personal favorite, "Are you a debate moderator? Because you're making this hard."

If for some reason you'd like to chat with the bot, you can find it on Telegram @mediocre_bot.